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Buy glass bottles on You will find a large assortment of glass bottles: liqueur bottles, spirits bottles, bordeaux bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, vinegar tabs, oil bottles and many more. All prices incl. VAT and closure. We sell to private customers and business customers! Fast shipping and delivery!

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Buy glass bottles cheaply at

Are you looking for empty glass bottles? Here at, you will find them at very favourable prices! sells empty glass bottles for filling offering a wide and deep range of glass bottles of various shapes, colours and volumes ranging from small 5 ml glass bottles over 5 l glass bottles to large glass carboys and demijohns. In our online shop you will find, among others, small sample glass bottles, 40 ml miniature glass bottles, 50 ml mini glass bottles, 60 ml glass bottles for gifts, product samples and promotional purposes, 100 ml flasks, 187 ml airline bottles for wines, 200 ml dead leaf green glass bottles, 250 ml ancient green glass bottles, 300 ml glass bottles, 330 ml brown glass bottles for beer, 350 ml glass bottles, 375 ml glass bottles, 500 ml clear glass bottles and 500 ml brown beer bottles, 650 ml and 660 ml glass bottles, 700 ml clear glass bottles for colourful liqueurs, 750 ml bottles for wine and champagne, 1 litre glass bottles for milk, 1.5 l glass bottles, 2 l glass bottles, large 3 l glass bottles and 5 l glass bottles and demijohns.

Here, you can order glass bottles as well in small quantities as by pallet loads. At, both private, business and institutional customers will find offers on glass bottles at low, quantity-dependent prices.

Colours of glass bottles

The colour spectrum of glass bottles ranges from transparent, i.e. clear glass over dead leaf green and antique green, to blue and even brown glass. Bottles made of clear glass are the typical choice for high-proof alcohols. Your homemade egg liqueur, exclusive raspberry liqueur, unique blackcurrant liqueur and liqueur made from vineyard peaches will come to their fullest in our clear glass bottles, especially if they are filled into glass bottles that have the shape of an egg, a fruit, female torso or a heart.

On the contrary, the main advantage of dark glass bottles is that they protect light sensitive content from ultraviolet radiation.

Origin of World-of-Bottles' glass bottles

World-of-Bottles cooperates in long-term partnerships with reputable German, Italian and other solely European glass producers. World-of-Bottles offers popular glass bottle types from glassworks' product line and produces own glass bottles with them. The latter glass bottles can have wildly creative shapes. For example, here you may find bottles in the shape of racing cars, cats, gazelles, horses, hunting rifles, locomotives, mermaids and teddy bears that are available exclusively at

World-of-Bottles is also a world of accessories for bottles

In our online store, you will also find many suitable, useful and interesting bottle accessories. World-of-Bottles' glass bottles are supplied with suitable closures, nevertheless you are, of course, always welcome to order extra bottle caps, bottle corks, bottle plugs and bottle stoppers with wooden grips separately. Furthermore, World-of-Bottles offers heat shrink caps, exclusive pewter labels for glass bottles, bottle stickers and other bottle decorations.

Advantages of glass bottles

Glass consists mainly of silica sand, soda, limestone and dolomite, which are naturally abundant materials. In the production process, these raw materials are melted in a glass melting pot at a temperature of approximately 1600 °C and subsequently formed into bottles.

Glass bottles are taste neutral, odourless, gas-tight, do not enter into chemical reaction with the content and can easily be cleaned and even sterilized. In addition, a glass bottle is an environmentally friendly beverage package that can be used for years.

Glass bottles are 100% recyclable

There are several ecological benefits of using bottles made of glass because glass bottles can easily be cleaned, sterilized, refilled and reused. Furthermore, glass is easy to recycle and can be remelted indefinitely. Adding recycled glass to the glass melt reduces the melting point, thereby reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials, which in turn is good for the environment. Therefore, please remember to dispose of old glass in glass waste containers.'s clients include both individuals, companies and public buyers. Bottlers, garden owners, microbreweries, agricultural companies, farmers, farm shops, hotels, restaurants, wedding stores, self-manufacturers, traders and various private and public institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities and laboratories – in our range we have glass bottles for everyone and for every purpose.

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