About us

About world-of-bottles (Flaschenland) and our love to glass bottles

We offer a wide range of different bottles, stoppers, glasses and accessories.

Our offers are addressed to private and commercial demand. No matter if liqueur aficionado, major destilleries, winegrower or bottling industry - we offer each appropriate bottles in suitable amounts.

Especially for glass bottles we offer a unique range of special motif bottles, as for example "Truck", "Motorcycle", "Sexy Cora" or a exceptionally "Shoe" - animal prints as for example "Rabbit", "Monkey", "Bear", "Penguin". No matter if you are looking for a nice, elegant or even a simple and well-priced glass bottle - this is the right address! We even offer Westerwälder stoneware bottles!

Since middle of 2007 our range of products includes also metal labels (tin labels). You can decorate glass bottles, packings or even invitations classy and noble with this labels.

We are also able to print your decor onto bottles which is a nice individual present for clubs or companies.

According to our slogan we would like to delight you with our decorative bottles, closures or presents made of glass:
www.flaschenland.de - everything but usual!

Our address:
Flaschenland GmbH
Am Kirchenwald 1
56235 Ransbach-Baumbach

Phone: +49 2623 6061856
Fax: +49 2623 6061825
Email: mail@world-of-bottles.co.uk