Printing Bottles

We can customize bottles, glasses and cups with your individual design!

The glassware gets printed by hand in our house and will be sent directly to you. Individual, customized printing is ideal for celebrations, companies and clubs!

Basically there is a wide range of printing possibilities! Bottles, jars and cups will be printed with a silk-screen technique, directly onto the glass.
Monochrome or 2-colour-printings are particularly suitable for direct printing as they can be produced quite cost-effectively.

Decisions by choosing your design: number of colours, selection of (s), size of the design and its proportion to the glassware.

We would be pleased to advise you:

Tel .: +49 2626 2259656

Minimum quantities:

  • single-colour printing: up from 50 pieces
  • two-colours printing: up from 100 pieces

Requirements of print data:

  • Data should be converted to vector graphics (format requirements: .pdf, .eps,. ai)
  • If there are inscriptions in your file, please ensure that they are embedded or available as vector graphic.
  • Make sure that the fonts / lines in your motif are not too small / thin (fonts at least 9pt/ lines at least 1pt)

Printing Techniques / Colours:

  • Printing is possible on all bottles, jars, cups with a flat surface
  • Double-sided printing depends on the shape of the glassware
  • Colours: yellow, orange, red, brown, blue, green, white, black, grey, gold, silver, milky / matt (etching / engraving effect)

  • Printing colours: We don´t use colours from the RAL or pantone system!
    declaration from these systems can therefore only serve as a guide; colours are mixed by hand. There might be fluctuations after burning-in the colours.

Costs / Delivery Times:

  • The price always depends on the used colours and the amount of e. g. bottles. Send us your information preferably by email. We will check your request and prepare an individual offer for you:

Which information is required?

  1. Name of the bottle, jar or cup to be printed
  2. Desired quantity
  3. Desired colour(s)
  4. Printing design

Frequently asked Questions

The imprints will be carefully crafted and offer many options for your personal customization.
  • Which print templates are required and how does the printing work??

    You can ideally provide your print data as vector graphics in .pdf-, .eps- or .ai-format.

    The size of vector graphics can be easily changed and there is no risk of pixel artefacts. Please do not use embed pixel graphics in your data files.

    Your print design should not have too many details:
    The fontsize should not be smaller than about 9pt and the contours of the letters should not be too thin, the letters should not be too close together. Also lines should not be too thin (at least 1pt / 0,4mm).
    If possible, you should convert fonts to paths, or tell us the appropriate fonts if it is not a standard font.

  • Which colours can be printed??

    We print in a system for glassware colours. Since the colours will be baked at high temperatures, deviations can occur.

    Please note that different calibrations of your display can result in different variations.

    Colour indications in RAL or PANTONE: We make every effort to meet the colour you specify, however, the colours will be mixed by hand and may differ from the original specification. Please also note that the colouring process in the oven might cause colour variations.

    Two-colour printing:
    Our screen printing process is made by hand! Multicolour imprints will be created in several workflows. Because of this, a displacement of the colours of 0.01 up to 1.5mm can occur by creating a two-colour printing.

    In the case of directly contiguous colours, we have to reinforce the contours to print one colour slightly over the other, to avoid gaps. The individual colours will be printed in 2 separate operations. Depending on the colour coverage ratio of the colour, slight colour changes can appear at the overprinted areas.

  • Can printed bottles get cleaned in the dishwasher? How durable is the printing?

    We print with harmless organic colours, but we do not know the composition of your dishwasher tablets. Usually, the decor will be able to withstand many washing cycles, but we sell the printed bottles / glasses labeled as
    "Not suitable for the dishwasher" and "For a one-time use"
  • What about the costs of printing?

    The price pretty much depends on the colours and amount of bottles / jars.

  • Which terms of payment do you accept?

    Since printing is custom made, according to your specifications, we only accept payment in advance by bank transfer and PayPal

  • How do you ship?

    Smaller quantities up to approx. 250 pieces are shipped with the parcel service DPD, larger quantities are packed onto a pallet and get delivered to you by forwarder.
  • What is the delivery time?

    The delivery time is usally about 2-4 weeks after receipt of payment and last detail clarification.
  • Third party rights

    By placing your order, you confirm that you own the rights for the decor and do not break the law and rights of third parties and / or copyrights.
  • Application examples

    Your company needs individually printed bottles, cups or glasses?
    We can customize them: ideal for customer retention, as a giveaway, advertising material or as a company present!

    Your club is looking for individually printed bottles, glasses or cups?
    Your club logo can be burned-in! Ideal as a gift for club members, as trophies or as a souvenir!

    Are you looking for a wedding gift?
    Printed miniature bottles are a very special gift for your guests!

    Our printed bottles, jars and glasses are used by/for: spirits producers, hoteliers, weddings, gats, delicatessens, anniversaries, shooting clubs, pharmacies, wedding societies, winegrowers, football clubs, private parties, fan clubs,
         ... or as an individual advertising tool - there are enough occasions for bottle printing!

We are happy to advise you and create an individual offer for you. Design your decor according to your ideas.

Just send us your request: and you will receive a non-binding offer!