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Buy glass bottles on You will find a large assortment of glass bottles: liqueur bottles, spirits bottles, bordeaux bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, vinegar tabs, oil bottles and many more. All prices incl. VAT and closure. We sell to private customers and business customers! Fast shipping and delivery!


20ml pocket bottle
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30ml brown wide neck jar
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40ml pocket bottle
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Buy bottles at the lowest prices – from's huge range! offers a wide and deep range of bottles. Here, you will find bottles made of glass, plastic and stoneware. Both individual customers, companies and institutions will find suitable bottles in our online store. Take a look, compare and order the desired number of different bottles from our large assortment and get them delivered right to your door. allows customers to buy bottles in small quantities and at competitive prices, offers a wide range to choose from and has transparent discounts that depend solely on the quantity of bottles ordered. At, you can order as little as just one single bottle for high proof beverages or one unusually shaped bottle for your homemade liqueur. On the other hand, we can deliver pallet quantities to any part of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. Almost all of our glass and plastic bottles are suitable for contact with food meeting British standards and requirements. For your peace of mind, our bottles are supplied with suitable closures, which are included in the total price. Nevertheless, if needed, at, you can order extra or new wine corks, soda and beer crown corks and plastic screw caps for bottles from our range with just a few clicks.

20 ml, 40 ml, 50 ml and 60 ml miniature bottles

Little and quite special: Whether they are supplied with swing tops or screw caps – mini bottles are the ideal choice to offer finest liquors at affordable prices. The miniature bottles are very decorative, admired and highly sought after by collectors, bought as souvenirs, given as small presents and have become popular gifts for wedding guests.

100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 330 ml and 350 ml bottles

Bottles in the above sizes are very versatile and available in a wide range of varieties and shapes. Bottles of these volumes are used primarily for exclusive liqueurs and other precious drops, but also high-quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar are poured on these bottles – especially if they are practical oil and vinegar bottles with pouring spouts. In these categories, you will find many bottles which have different shapes, ranging from classic over modern to futuristic, from oval and round over square to bottles that are shaped like animals, buildings, vehicles, symbols and even bottles in the shape of a woman's or man's torso as well as bottles with printed motifs – just have a look at our bottles from the series "Cool goat" or our bottles with wonderful Christmas motifs.

500 ml, 700 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml bottles

Would you like a little more? Glass bottles in the above sizes offer plenty of space can be used to store a generous supply of your favourite beverages and are good to have at hand when the guests' thirst has to be quenched. Moreover, in World-of-Bottles' range you will also find empty milk bottles, carafes, decanters, mouth blown bottles as well as stoneware bottles that protect their contents from UV damage, have a long lasting cooling effect and are acid resistant.

Where do World-of-Bottles' bottles come from?

World-of-Bottles offers bottles from reputable European glass and packaging manufacturers. At World-of-Bottles, the quality is top notch the prices are rock bottom. This is possible because, among others, we are highly ambitious and motivated, operate a modern, efficient warehouse and buy very large batches of bottles, all of which combined enable us to pass low prices on to our customers. There are ecological benefits of our bottles being manufactured in Europe because they do not need to be shipped vast distances from overseas. Furthermore, the working conditions in European factories are well regulated. In order to offer bottles of various shapes, we work with wholesale dealers and even let glass manufacturers produce our own, unique bottles. Finally, there is to mention that World-of-Bottles has a nice, small selection of mouth blown bottles and locally produced stoneware bottles from our region, Westerwald.

Suitable bottle accessories – which closure is right?

Do you need a new cork or screw cap for a bottle from our range? In the box with product properties shown on each product page, you will find information on appropriate bottle closures. It might also be a good idea to read the product description to find out if alternative bottle closures like caps, lids or stoppers can be used for the bottle in question. Suitable accessories for bottles such as pewter labels, pourers and shrink caps are also available in our webshop. Shrink caps serve as an extra closure that guarantee originality by showing if the bottle has been opened on the way to the customer. Shrink caps are neat looking and easy to apply simply by sliding them onto the top of the bottles and gently warming them up with a heat gun to seal them into position. The size of the appropriate shrink cap is specified in the box with product properties or mentioned in the product description; however, the shrink caps can easily be shortened with a pair of scissors, if they are too long.
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